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About Me

Growing up in small town Madison, Georgia played a significant role in influencing my documentary photographic style. Surrounded by history and ornate architecture, I began my photographic journey with a series that will forever define me as an artist…documenting the decay and ultimate deterioration of old, abandoned houses around the state of Georgia. Once filled with so much life and love, these structures were left alone to face their inevitable demise. However, I see nothing but beauty and a story waiting to be told in the decay and I attempt to capture the subjects in such a way that expresses the personal connection that I feel with each subject matter. I am very interested in the life story implied in each photograph: who lived there, what type of life the inhabitants led, and where they may reside now. My photographs draw a parallel between the condition of the subject matter and the progression of life from birth to death. My photographic inspiration not only comes from the historic town that I grew up in, but also from the deaths of my grandparents and other relatives, so these photographs stir cherished memories from my childhood of spending time with those loved ones. And since time diminishes memory and the substantial aspects of reality, I will continue to document what remains of my memories, feelings of loss, family, and deterioration.

Also trained as a ceramic artist, I enjoy throwing pottery on the wheel and transferring my photographs onto the pottery. I sometimes collect relics when I photograph such as an old moss-filled mason jar or an old, rusty door knob half buried in the ground beside an abandoned farm house. After throwing a large bowl on my ceramics wheel, I transfer my photograph of that abandoned farm house onto my bowl and fill the inside of the bowl with the door knob, or any other relic I may have discovered at that particular location, in hopes of allowing my artwork to become a vessel for carrying on that once bustling home’s memory.

All of Cassie’s fine art photography is taken with her Toyo 4x5 film camera. She then develops the negatives and enlarges to silver gelatin prints in the darkroom.  Cassie uses her Canon 7D camera for all of her lifestyle photography.

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